Aug 26 – 30, 2024
The Couvent des Jacobins
Europe/Paris timezone


Root2Res mid-term symposium

During the 18th Congress of the European Society for Agronomy, the Root2Res project will hold a symposium on Thursday, August 29, from 9:15 to 12:00 (room 14).

The overall objective of Root2Res is to deliver novel tools to help design climate resilient crop rotational systems that are adapted to a range of environments across Europe, based on a root traits approach. The goal of Root2Res is to develop relevant tools to help geneticists, breeders, and agronomists in the process. Notably, these tools will be composed of 1) a root phenotyping toolbox for field and controlled conditions to improve the consideration of root traits in breeding programs, 2) a genetic toolbox including set of genetic references consisting of relevant markers to help identify germplasm demonstrating ideotype root traits which enhance the tolerance of our main arable crops to abiotic stresses associated with a changing environment, and 3) a modeling toolbox to assist the R&D processes address such complicated traits as root architecture and rhizosphere/soil microbiome related characteristics.

This symposium will present first results of the Root2Res project on three topics:

Christina Baxter from ADAS in the UK will talk about "Which priority root/rhizosphere traits will best contribute to resilience to abiotic stress?".

Raffaella Balestrini from the Institute for Sustainable Crop Protection from the National Research Council of Italy will talk about "How to define and handle plasticity for root/rhizosphere traits against abiotic stress?".

Katia Beauchêne from ARVALIS, France, will talk about "Innovation on root/rhizosphere traits phenotyping methods in field and controlled conditions for breeding and agronomic studies".

In addition to the three presentations, there will be a panel discussion on those topics with the participation of the three speakers, Jean-Pierre Cohan from ARVALIS (coordinator of Root2Res) and 2 external experts, including Pr. Edith Le Cadre (L'Institut Agro Rennes-Angers, President of the ESA).

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Root2Res has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No. 101060124. Its work is supported by Innovate UK through the Horizon Europe Guarantee scheme Grant Agreement no. 101060124 and by the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) grant no. 23.00050.